Hear what people are saying

Testimonials from those who attended training and are Certified Facilitators


Julie Napolitan, Facilitator

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of this movement. I never saw myself as being a part of the healing field…when I found Higher Brain Living, something just clicked. Not only can this create sustainable change in people, but something the average person can be involved in.”

– Julie Napolitan

Debbie Personett, Facilitator

“I love the fact that Higher Brain Living makes me feel bliss and peace and joy…”

– Debbie Personett

Eric Levinston, Facilitator

“Anyone who is interested in global transformation and taking a stand for what they want in the world will see Higher Brain Living Facilitator Training as a direct conduit…”

– Eric Levinston

Marti Clemons, Facilitator

“This is the time to become a Higher Brain Living Facilitator if you’ve been in a healing modality and you’ve been trying to help change the planet and you feel frustrated  that you haven’t made as much progress as you’d like…”

– Marti Clemons 

Suzie Marchand, Facilitator

“I highly recommend the Higher Brain Living Training to anyone that is in search of something very profound in their life…”

– Suzie Marchand

Arthur Marchand, Facilitator

“The experiences I’m having are amazing in terms of depth of experience along with my direction of life…I’m just having a great time here!”

– Arthur Marchand

Diane Wilczewski, Facilitator

“Higher Brain Living has made amazing differences in my life. I received the personal power to change my profession…and now I want to give back because I have gotten so much from the program.”

– Diane Wilczewski

Lizbeth Peter, Facilitator

“I would like to say that Higher Brain Living has brought me to the person I’ve always wanted to be, HOWEVER, I’ve gone so far beyond that I didn’t even know the person I am right now could exist.”

– Lizbeth Peter

Michelle Depres, Facilitator

“HBL has given me back my life. Prior to HBL I had been in a bad car wreck…through the 22 steps and training process, I feel like I’m the old me back again only better and stronger…”

– Michelle Depres