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Dr. Michael Cotton
Leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture and the brain; founder of the Higher Brain Living® Movement.

Dr. Michael Cotton is a leading Evolutionary Theorist and the Founder of Higher Brain Living® with more than thirty years as a leading authority in personal and cultural transformation.

Michael has a Doctoral degree in Chiropractic and is the creator of the revolutionary Higher Brain Living® Technique, which helps shift energy into the pre-frontal cortex, awakening human potential for a lifetime of lasting joy, purpose and potential.

Michael has owned numerous Higher Brain Living® Centers and trained nearly 300 Higher Brain Living® Facilitators. He has created and developed the Higher Brain Living® System for personal and cultural transformation. Cotton is currently teaching wellness practitioners as well as lay people worldwide how to change lives through the Higher Brain Living® System.


Craig Polsfuss, MA, LP, MSW, LICSW (Emeritus)
Co-founder of Brain First Psych™, Director of Professional Outreach & Education, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Facilitator Trainer

As a leadership development specialist Craig’s focus is on bringing Higher Brain Living to top leaders and change agents. As a psychologist Craig’s focus is on bringing Brain First Psych to the mental health and addictions fields.

Once Craig recognized the true breakthrough nature of Higher Brain Living, he immediately knew that the world needed it. Craig had already dedicated three decades to pioneering a breakthrough “inside-out” understanding through which one simple insight has completely transformed human experience and performance. Now he could add a way to unlock dormant brain potential to empower human well-being and potential even more.

Having published articles in professional journals on leadership and high performance, Craig compiled the research on Higher Brain Living and wrote our first article for publication.

“When leaders and change agents throughout the world see how quickly increases in exceptional leadership mind-set, wellbeing and effectiveness can be produced, they will flock to us!”

Brain First Psych: “Imagine being able to show your clients how to turn on their higher brain just before a session. The healing and transformational power of that session is taken to a completely new level. Additionally, the more a client turns on their higher brain, the more it becomes wired in as their new normal. The field has been looking for this!”

Craig is available for media interviews, presentations, program development and online consultations.

Craig can be reached directly at 612-730-4843 or

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Alison Ooms
Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Clinical Neurotherapist and Psychologist, Director of Higher Brain Living® Research

Her license and training includes neurofeedback, Quantitative Electro Encephlagraph (QEEG) technologist and Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator.  As a researcher by nature Alison began conducting QEEG research on Higher Brain Living® in 2012. Her findings continue to support the positive outcomes in the brains and lives of clients. Alison combines extensive knowledge of holistic and clinical healing modalities, brain functioning and higher consciousness states. Alison resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, two children, six chickens, and her puppy. She is a long-term vipassana meditator and professional member of the society for scientific exploration.