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The Science

The Higher Brain Living® movement is leading edge and our thinking is outside of the box. However, we are grounded in science and very committed to a scientific theory and research agenda. Find below a list of EEG studies, case studies and much more.

Research on Higher Brain Living®



Higher Brain Living Research shows increased flourishing!

Data from a study which was conducted through the University of Iowa School of Social work has shown positive changes in a wide array of quality of life benefits including improvements in happiness, relationships, purpose and meaning in life.

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Higher Brain Living® Studies – EEG Scans
(Physiological Measurements)

Shown below: before and after EEG (electroencephalogram) brain scans of Higher Brain Living® recipients demonstrating brainwave changes or increased energy in Higher Brain regions following Higher Brain Living® Sessions.

Overview of EEG Study

Higher Brain Living® Pre and Post Session EEG Mini-­cohort study

– Dr. Adam Breiner, ND

Before and After HBL HBEST

EEG Prior and Post HBEST

Before, During and After HBL Session

EEG before, during and after Higher Brain Living® Session.

Before and After HBL Sessions

EEG Prior and Post HBL Sessions

Before and After HBL Sessions

EEG Prior and Post HBL Sessions

Alpha Brain Waves

Video showing heightened Alpha Brain Waves (2+ standard deviations, shown in red on video) during an HBL session. Increases in Alpha waves have been measured in highly experienced Yogis and meditators while in advanced states of consciousness.

Before and After HBL Session

EEG C4,T4 Prior to HBL Session (8-27-13) with C4,T4 3 Hours after first HBL Session (8-28-13)

EEG Study with Dr. Montgomery

What amazed me was that I only took a few breaths at the start…

HBL EEG Measurement with Dr. Montgomery

In this video, brain researcher and author Dr. Penny Montgomery reports on her profound findings in the brains of Higher Brain Living® recipients–following EEG research.

After HBL Sessions

EEG Prior and Post HBL Sessions

Higher Brain Living® Studies 
(Non-Physiological Measurements)

Higher Brain Living® Research shows increased flourishing

Marked improvement in the Quality of Life of
Higher Brain Living® recipients