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Our world needs you. As a Certified Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, you will be able to provide clients with real, lasting and sustainable change in their lives. The revolutionary Higher Brain Living® System provides dramatic change to the structure of the brain unlike anything that has been possible before.

We have a thriving and supportive community of Certified Facilitators across the U.S., and we offer a plethora of tools and resources to help them be successful. Our Certified Facilitators range from therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, tapping practitioners, yoga instructors, massage therapists and healers of all kinds, all the way to business people looking for a career change—one that makes a profound positive impact on their fellow human beings.


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The Three Breakthroughs of Higher Brain Living®

What makes Higher Brain Living® Different?



The magnitude of the surge of energy to the Higher Brain.



The association of context-specific higher order thoughts, goals, aspirations with the requisite newly energized Higher Brain and its capacity to thrive.
HBL_webdesign_Training3The Blender Effect: Input circumstance-specific techniques and practices, which become enhanced and amplified once fed into the Higher Brain change-oriented thrive state. This positions Higher Brain Living® as the portal of entry for transformation and the hub that all spokes (physical, psychological, spiritual modalities) must flow into for exponential positive change.

Imagine what happens when you energize your Higher Brain AND Salutogenic mechanisms engage AND your body starts to rejuvenate and THEN you take a yoga class, or meditate while this Salutogenic Rejuvenation Response is active in your body. A Quantum Effect is attained, and the transformation is integrated and sustainable.

We change the rules of the game of healing and growth when we energize the system (Higher Brain) first! Each HBL Session brings more energy to the Higher Brain and a Salutogenic rejuvenation response is initiated in the body. As you learn to energize your Higher Brain on your own, you can then introduce other powerful methods in body, mind, and spirit that create Quantum, sustainable improvements.

Be Part of a Movement


More purpose in life—be part of something greater than yourself


An immersion experience unlike anything you’ve experienced, escalating your personal transformation


Work with existing Facilitators


icon_checkmarkMake a difference in other people’s lives! Many clients have reported they make better decisions fast & with ease, they quickly change their habits, feelings of stress, anxiety and depression vanish, many physical ailments are healed, their life dramatically shifts as they start reaching their full potential


A new life for you!



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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ­– Mark Twain

What we know…


Our brain’s potential is largely untapped


icon_checkmarkMany scientists agree that we only use about 5% of our higher brain’s potential


How can we change this?

Through Training and Certification, you will learn more detail about the Science of the pathways, how to tap into the latent energy and energize the prefrontal cortex through the connective tissue mentioned below!


The Science of the pathways

“Since collagen is a semiconductor, the connective tissue is an integrated electronic network that allows all parts of the organism to communicate with each other.

Like many other crystals, connective tissue is piezoelectric, i.e. it generates electric fields when compressed or stretched.

One whole-system property is that the body is highly non-linear. Among other things, a consequence of non-linearity is that a small amount of energy applied at a specific point at a specific time can give rise to a sudden and dramatic shift into a new and stable pattern of structure and activity.”

Dr. James Oschman- B.S. Biophysics, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, author, academic researcher and expert on human energy connections and communication.


Higher Brain Living®
Has Cracked the Code!


We’ve discovered new ways in which these energy pathways are organized in the body and have developed specific protocols to engage the pathways through VERY precise pressures and vectors and sequences.

The Higher Brain Living® Protocol promotes a release of energy that moves through the pathways and energizes the Higher Brain. The Higher Brain then begins to amplify the response through feedback, thus energizing itself!


The Higher Brain Living® Protocol


Through the Higher Brain Living® Fearlessly Authentic Life Program, energy can be directed towards and metabolized by the Higher Brain, which loosens the grip of the primitive stress survival brain and increases positive emotional states and states of consciousness. The newly empowered Higher Brain is then directed to all areas of one’s life, leading to sustainable transformation.

Self-help rarely helps because the lower brain resists change. Any self-help technique introduced during lower brain dominance will be rejected or its effects diminished.

Higher Brain Living® is a stand-alone technique or can become the hub for all self-help, healing and personal growth approaches. An energized Higher Brain creates a receptive change-oriented state in the body and mind. Techniques and practices introduced at this time lead to quantum change.

Once clients create a new life map, the changes they WANT to make in their life are associated with the Higher Brain state REQUIRED to make the changes that are desired.

Higher Brain Living® creates growth in all areas of life leading to a sustainable new life. Clients consistently report positive changes in confidence, relationships, careers, fitness, etc.


Higher Brain Living® is what the world is looking for


70% of U.S. population is unhappy according to a recent Harris poll


icon_checkmark80% of U.S. population is disengaged or unhappy at work according to a recent Harris poll


icon_checkmarkMost people die with regret for what they did not do with their lives according to recent end-of-life research


icon_checkmarkMost Americans are stressed out, overwhelmed and wanting more meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling lives


Higher Brain Living® is the solution! Higher Brain Living® provides the physiological change required for permanent life changes to occur.

I need you. I need your hands, your head, your heart and mostly your passion. I need that burning passion that you have, to be a change agent in the world. I need a team.   

We live in interesting times. I don’t believe that statement has ever been truer than it is today. The amount of complexity that we have created in our individual lives and thus collectively in our world has exceeded the capacity of our brains to process and create new solutions to our current challenges. Our collective “cognitive load” is simply too much for our brains to deal with. The way out of course, is to fully energize the untapped Higher Brain and provide a path and a map for a new culture to emerge. A new culture which honors the entire spiral of development. A culture that promotes growth and evolution and seeks wholeness and integration. A culture that can take new perspectives and act from those new perspectives and create a brave new world.  

I have devoted a great deal of my life to the study of this next potential emergence of human culture, this 6th epoch (as the great researcher Clare Graves called it “a momentous leap for humankind”), and I now need your help. 

Imagine waking each day with a sense of fulfillment for the work you do as a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. Imagine the change you could make in your family and community. Imagine being paid very well for the work you do and knowing that you were providing value in peoples’ lives in a way that had never been possible before. Imagine being forever connected to a team who shares your vision and supports your growth. Imagine the awesome feeling you would have for your own life of passion and purpose.  

The time for Higher Brain Living® has come. We are a solution to a lost, purposeless, fragmented, and confused world. The Higher Brain Living® System was created to wake up and liberate humanity, and usher in a complete and radical cultural transformation…a new Renaissance! 

Take the step to be a part of this revolution!  

Dr. Michael Cotton,    

Developer of the Higher Brain Living® System, the Higher Brain Living® Technique, and leading Evolutionary Theorist.


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