You’ve done the training and the certification, and you’ve experienced what this amazing work does for people.

You are probably excited about what you experienced as a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. Things like:

  • People realizing they are capable of more and taking action steps to make it happen
  • Your clients moving from happiness based on external circumstances to true joy that is long-lasting and internal
  • An ease and flow to their daily life that brings them confidence and clarity
  • Release from old emotional and physical trauma so they feel they have a fresh start

Isn’t it great to know that you are on the cutting edge of where science meets transformational methods, and you are helping other people become the best version of themselves?

While you’re nodding yes, I’m wondering…are you also asking yourself, “How could I do even more?”

This is a common occurrence we see happen with Facilitators. As they move forward with the very powerful work of Higher Brain Living®, they begin to want more of what they’re doing and teaching so they can make an even bigger impact. Well, guess what? We want that for you too, which is why we’re giving you the opportunity to upgrade from your current level to either Advanced or Mastery.


Why Upgrade?

Imagine if you could…

  • Become approved to host your own retreat for elevated training and potential additional revenue (Tier 4 Mastery only)
  • Diversify and implement the Higher Brain Living® Protocol in ways that will provide you with additional streams of income
  • Create a clear path for clients to stay with you and work with you longer
  • Gain further exposure and credibility while masterminding with other top level Higher Brain Living® Facilitators
  • Learn how to host retreats—a fun way to connect with your clients in a more intimate and interesting way (Tier 4 Mastery only)
  • Receive personal training from Dr. Michael Cotton (Tier 4 Mastery only)
  • Have more retreat/immersion experiences as the student so there are no distractions with your learning

If you love the work you are doing as a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, can see the profound impact it has on your clients and want to continue to build your business with the Higher Brain Living® Protocol, upgrading is the very thing you need. Check out our comparison chart below to see which level of Higher Brain Living® Facilitation is best for you!




Whether you’ve been a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator for some time or just a little while, you know that this work is amazing, and the results are even more so.  We want to ensure that you have everything you need to continue to bring this great work into the world, and that you unlock your full potential.


Includes Recertification

Standard to Advanced
August 4 – 10, 2019

One-time payment of $12,000



Advanced to Mastery
August 11 – 17, 2019

One-time payment of $12,000



Standard to Mastery
August 4 – 17, 2019

One-time payment of $24,000


Refund Policy:

All sales are final. No refunds will be provided. Under special circumstances, your paid recertification can be transferred to the following recertification for a $50 administration fee.

IMPORTANT: You must be in good standing with your current payments in order to attend recertification!