January 18 – 24, 2020

Have you recently found yourself thinking, “I just feel like there should be something more to life” but you’re not sure what “more” is?

Are you living the life of your dreams or settling for the daily grind? Maybe your life is perfectly fine, but it’s not particularly fierce—it’s simply not the dream life you’ve envisioned. You consider yourself an optimist and fairly fortunate, but something in you keeps asking “Is this all there is?” You believe you can do more and be more. In fact, you yearn for it, but are not sure what it means or how to get “more” into your life.

  • How different would life be if I didn’t worry and stress so much?
  • I often wonder if this is all there is…
  • I’m not where I wanted to be at this stage of my life, but I don’t know what else to do…or how to get there.
  • I feel I can accomplish great things, if only I knew what that meant!
  • I want more than I currently have, but feel guilty about wanting more.
  • Who am I to have these thoughts? Am I that important?

You are definitely not alone in these thoughts. We are capable of infinite possibilities, but have yet to realize our fullest potential. If you found yourself nodding “yes” to any of those points, do not worry, because that’s about to change.

Imagine what it would be like to be completely and radically free.

There has never been a time quite like the one you are living in now. Science continues to prove that there is more to your mind, body and soul than previously imagined. The reality is…there is a new reality and Higher Brain Living® is on the forefront of that journey. The definition of freedom may vary from person to person, but we might all agree that living “free” means you are living up to the highest measure of your potential, AND that you are experiencing life with an abundance of peace, joy and ease.

What would life look like if that were true? It CAN happen and we’d like to show you how. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?



The 2020 Authentic Self ~ Kosmic Consciousness Retreat


The Authentic Self ~ Kosmic Consciousness Retreat is designed to take you out of sameness and usher you into a new way of being. You’ll experience a new way to thrive in the world! You will return home with a new perspective, a new community of like-minded friends, and a new purpose to your life. You’ll leave with more peace, more calm, more focus and exponentially more joy!

  • You knew the difference between your survival, base self and the self-absolute; the great undying and unborn Self from where you can access and implement your best decisions, thoughts and dreams
  • You could activate the part of the brain responsible for your highest state changes, so you can operate from this place of consciousness and achieve high-level results
  • You were a witness to your higher states of being so you make decisions with confidence and clarity
  • You could connect deeper with yourself and live life with personal conviction
  • A new state of existence emerged within, giving you the strength and courage to express your new state change
So what happens at this retreat that will change things?

During this retreat, the “Kosmic Consciousness” component focuses on the grounding of your Authentic Self in the formless dimension of pure consciousness. Simply stated, you will discover who you are at your very core. Discover who you are without judgment and labels. Discover the true essence of your being, and live every day from that frame of reference.

This grounding component awakens you to a realization of awareness beyond the world of space, time and form. As you mentally let go of things that are temporary, you will directly experience that eternal part of you that wasn’t born in time and therefore will never die. When you know this aspect of yourself, you know peace.

The breakthrough aspect of this retreat is the energizing of your “Higher Brain” (pre-frontal cortex) while meditative, contemplative and inquiry techniques are being introduced. Each day your brain will be energized to tune into the frequency necessary to have deep, spiritual experiences. You’ll shift from a mind state of constant thoughts of survival, into a mind that recognizes how to thrive.


Yes, your brain is wired to survive, but what most people don’t know is that it’s also wired for you to thrive.



“To get different results in life requires change. And being a seeker of growth and transformation I experienced the HBL retreat as a combination of accelerated brain changes and consciousness changes, facilitated by a healing environment. Better still it’s like a healing paradise, where my heart was nurtured to new heights. (Plus the temperature difference in winter was 90 degrees!)”

Mark R. Excelsior, MN

The pre-frontal cortex (the area of your brain being energized at this retreat) has been referred to by esteemed brain researcher, Paul McClean, as the “angel lobes”.  Not only because of the advanced thinking associated with this part of the brain, but also because of the qualities of joy, purpose, compassion and gratitude being associated with this Higher Brain experience.

The ability to energize the “angel lobes” prior to, and during, the introduction of other spiritual techniques leads to rapid and sustainable spiritual experiences. You will learn how to easily access and energize this part of the brain. You’ll begin to operate from this higher spiritual experience baseline, which creates higher and more enlightened results. Think of the difference between a 40 watt and 100 watt light bulb. Your brain is just waiting to be “turned on and turned up.”

We recognize this retreat is awe-inspiring and truly life-changing, and might not be for everyone…


Here’s how to know if you are ready for the Authentic Self ~ Kosmic Consciousness Retreat presented by Higher Brain Living®:
  • You consider yourself an on-going student of personal development and spiritual growth
  • You desire to understand your true essence and yearn to recognize your fullest potential
  • You desire to make lasting change within yourself to be the best version of you
  • You are seeking to define your purpose and bring it into the world, and inspire others to do the same
  • You yearn to raise your consciousness and “see” the world like never before
  • You are ready to awaken your innermost self on an exploration to be all that you can be
  • You want to identify and dissolve self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • You want to evolve and achieve your highest potential

The goal of this retreat is to provide you with the teachings and the tools for you to discover, embrace, and then create a new way of living and a fierce new life.


After the retreat:
  • You’ll have a better understanding of what makes you unique and have a clear plan of action on how to implement this positive change in the world
  • You can identify how to achieve greatness and consistently access that greatness within yourself to see results
  • You will finally break free from the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and can move forward with enthusiasm and conviction
  • You’ll be part of a like-minded community who offer support and encouragement
  • You’ll experience a deeper sense of joy, peacefulness and ease in your life

You have courage and strength, passion and purpose, tenacity and determination within you. Let us help you uncover it.


Naturally this kind of work is best done in an environment that is conducive to peace, harmony and effortless flow. That’s why we are excited to host this in Chacala, Mexico!

A tropical setting that lifts the spirits and fuels the soul, Chacala is one of the great undiscovered treasures of Mexico. Imagine a lush, tropical paradise, nourishing organically-grown cuisine, luxurious accommodations and a pristine beach to watch memorable sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

That’s precisely where you’ll find yourself for the Authentic Self ~ Kosmic Consciousness Retreat, held at the extraordinary Mar de Jade eco-resort, where the jungle meets the sea. Through sessions on retreat with Dr. Michael Cotton and his team of elite Higher Brain Living® Facilitators, you will connect to the deeper trans-personal dimension of yourself and take home the connection to pure love within your heart.


The Authentic Self ~ Kosmic Consciousness Retreat will deliver the tools, techniques and the Higher Brain energy required to change your life. You will connect deeply to your spiritual Self, the greatness of the Universe and ultimately to God in ways you may never have imagined possible. When you deeply understand you are more than you think you are, your life can no longer remain the same.

This event has been carefully planned to facilitate your discovery of the timeless, eternal dimension of yourself—the formless dimension of pure consciousness. This part of you is where you finally know peace. It’s the unchanging, indestructible essence of who you really are. It’s “YOU” but without “your story”—completely and radically free.

The world needs change. The world needs determined, spiritual warriors and leaders. The world needs YOU.


Each day of Kosmic Consciousness will include:
  • A newly developed mastery level Higher Brain Living® Retreat Session
  • Total immersion in a powerful field of evolutionary energy
  • Enlightened group dialogue
  • The most up-to-date teachings by Dr. Michael Cotton
  • Lodging and 3 meals per day
  • Rooms are double occupancy (upgrade opportunities below)
  • Sacred community that results in life-long connections
  • Sustainable technique and program you can use in your new life
  • And more!
What’s not included:
  • All transportation costs to and from the retreat are your responsibility (i.e. airfare, lodging before/after the retreat, transportation to/from airport to retreat location)

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Upon reserving your spot, we’ll send more details about the retreat (getting there, what to bring, and more)! The airport we recommend flying into is Puerto Vallarta (PVR).

Here, you’ll find a deeper connection than you ever knew was possible. You’ll let go of limiting beliefs, limiting perceptions and anything that stands in the way of you creating the life you’ve wanted. This retreat contains the highest level of teachings from Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of the Higher Brain Living® Movement. Space is limited—sign up today!




Dr. Michael Cotton is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture and the brain. He is passionate about working with people who are dedicated to living a Fearlessly Authentic Life. He is the founder of Higher Brain Living®, the HBL movement, the Authentic Self ~ Kosmic Consciousness Retreat, and the Higher Brain Living® Institute located in Chicago.

Dr. Cotton personally hosts and facilitates this annual retreat and is joined by his elite team of Mastery Certified Higher Brain Living® Facilitators. This transformative and profound experience is unlike any other on the planet. It is packed with meaning and purpose and an engaged, passionate community.

If you feel called to be a part of this event, reserve your spot today! Do it for you, for your purpose and for humanity.

“…Michael takes the experience each of us had as seriously as he takes his life’s work in expanding consciousness. I could tell how committed he is to this work and to our personal growth by how professionally Michael and his organization managed the details of our experience….This man cares deeply, and you don’t have to spend much time with him or his team to have that experience for yourself. This was truly a unique experience.”

Ken Pavett, CEO, Chief Technical Officer


Chacala Mexico Retreat

January 18 – 24, 2019





Bring on the profound transformation!

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2020 ASKC Retreat

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“It is not the experience that counts. It’s what you do with the experience. It’s what comes next. How do you stand in that experience and how do you take what you have in the world…what’s next is the only thing that matters. The deed becomes the doer.”

Dr. Michael Cotton, on Retreat

Upgrade Opportunities!

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