The University of Iowa approved Higher Brain Living® Study

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Marked Improvement in the Quality of Life of Higher Brain Living® Recipients


Research on the well-being of subjects receiving Higher Brain Living® Sessions was conducted by University of Iowa Masters of Social Work graduate student, David Seagull, beginning in 2014. The research procedures and design passed the University of Iowa Internal Review Board and was approved for human subjects research to ensure that it was done ethically and to academic standards. Data collected in 2014 shows (unofficially analyzed) that the self-reported well-being scores reported by the subjects improved across nearly all domains measured.

Based on these preliminary findings, a larger scale study is underway. This larger study also passed University of Iowa Internal Review Board and will include a control group.

The outcomes below (and many others) showed marked improvement in a group of Higher Brain Living® recipients who were actively participating in the Higher Brain Living® Fearlessly Authentic Life Program.

Improved categories:

  • Feel happier
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved relationships
  • Feeling competent and capable
  • Purpose and meaning
  • More enthusiasm
  • Contribute to the happiness of others
  • Feel an increased ability to solve my life problems
  • Less fear
  • Higher energy
  • Less boredom
  • Progress towards goals
  • Feel respected

See below for the complete research study with surveys:

pdf-icon Complete Research Study

pdf-icon Before HBL Survey 1

 pdf-icon After HBL Survey 3

pdf-icon Codebook