Enlightenment: Powerful Story of Being Set Free

September 28, 2016

Have you thought lately, “I know I’m not reaching my full potential, but I am so tired of trying and failing…”

Tally recently posted on Facebook about her roller-coaster journey through depression, illness and more.I wanted to share a clip with you from a few years ago when she was on my annual international Higher Brain Living® Retreat in Costa Rica…she talks about her journey and how Higher Brain Living® effectively flip-flopped her life from negativity to positivity.

Click below to watch…

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If you can’t watch the video right away, here is the summary from Tally:

“I have been involved with Higher Brain Living® since 2009…my business partnered with Dr. Cotton and I have been a client, director, trainer and former COO of Higher Brain Living®. I became trained and certified in the technique and program in 2012.

When I was led to Higher Brain Living® in 2009 it truly was a gift of a miracle to me. I was fighting severe depression…it was an accumulation of many things that occurred at that time of 48 years of my life…living in worry and fear was always the forefront of my thoughts. As a child I was sick a lot. When I became old enough to work (and up until 2009) I was a workaholic. Nothing was good enough…always choosing to prove myself.

In my early 20’s I lost both my parents within a few years…during this time I was married and divorced. It was painful to not have the Cinderella story of “happily ever after”. I then remarried and my husband took his life…not only not the Cinderella story, but having someone you loved exit this world.

Wow…deeper into the fear I went, until one day in 2006 my body became so sick and I was in unbearable pain—it put me on 3 years of a wellness journey. During this time I would take 3 steps forward and 2.99 back…

Right before I connected with Dr. Cotton and Higher Brain Living®, I was just done. I didn’t want to physically take my life but I would have been just fine if I was to cross over. I had given up and couldn’t even dream or think past the pain I was in and the despair and depression.

I met Dr. Cotton and had one session by him in April 2009, and it just blew my depression out of the water and blew in the sunshine to my brain…it was magnificent…and continues to be as I access more of my Higher Brain.

Why I’m telling you this is because of the profound shift accessing more of your Higher Brain can have in your life. Higher Brain Living® is a personal transformation program, and when you energize this part of the brain, it connects you to joy, purpose and passion, allowing the body to rejuvenate. Here in the pre-frontal cortex (what we call the Higher Brain) is where change occurs. We are awakened to our hopes, desires and possibilities, putting them in action from this part of the brain.”

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Imagine if your life full of joy, confidence, passion and purpose. Imagine dumping stress, worry, fear and anxiety. There is a new LIFE waiting for you, and the opportunity is already inside you…sitting in your brain!

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To your evolution,

Dr. Michael Cotton
Founder of Higher Brain Living®