Enlightened Living

September 7, 2016

“Are you driven by a hunger to know yourself deeply and to be liberated from mundane existence?”

I believe many of us are. But that hunger—that passion—gets easily drowned out by our busy schedules and replaced with stress and anxiety.

We go from day-to-day doing the same things…get up, eat breakfast, drive to work, drive home, eat dinner, go to bed (or something similar). That same, daily pattern can really wear you down and cloud your brain.

A vacation from work and routine usually gives you a temporary boost from that negativity—the peacefulness, rejuvenation and personal time that are a result of vacationing are, I think, some of the best feelings in the world. Well, what if you could experience those feelings every day?

Good news—you have the brain architecture that is necessary for exactly that! The problem is, most of us are not using those brain structures to their full potential.

Ever heard of the pre-frontal cortex, also referred to as the Angel Lobes? Well, we call it the Higher Brain, and for good reason. The Higher Brain is where these feelings of rejuvenation, self-knowing, peace, passion, purpose and determination reside. The Higher Brain is where higher consciousness, enlightenment and the connection with God bloom.

The Higher Brain is the answer to knowing yourself deeply and liberating yourself from mundane existence.

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