Enlightened Living

June 14, 2016

“Learn how to awaken to a new, accelerated & expansive way of living that is free of limitation.”

Are you wondering how this is possible? We have good news! Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of Higher Brain Living®, is hosting a free, live Webinar on June 16th at 7PM CST (that’s in 2 days)! He will be discussing the human potential and how we can achieve it, as well as explaining the “missing link” in personal development practices today!

To learn more about this Webinar and to RSVP, visit www.higherbrainliving.com/june-webinar. Even if you can’t make it live, be sure to sign up so you receive the recording as well as a series of 3, free videos demonstrating energy surges and Salutogenic breath in the body (you will learn more about this on the Webinar).

Here is a sneak peek of what Dr. Cotton will be talking about…

After nearly 3 decades of immersing himself in the study of human potential, Dr. Michael Cotton found that rarely did people have true and lasting transformational change. Even those that did all the right things (self-development practices, attended seminars, meditation, yoga, etc.) rarely created the life they truly wanted.

We now know why! There is a key to self-development that has not been well understood—a ‘missing link’ if you will—and that’s the lack of energy in the highest, most evolved part of our brain (where change occurs).

You see, you can have new thoughts, great goals, big dreams and compelling visions…but these thoughts, goals, dreams and visions are fleeting if the Higher Brain does not drive them forward.

There must be a corresponding change in brain function to match your new thoughts, goals and dreams…or they do not become sustainable.

After a decade of research and development, a system has been developed that does exactly that. The Higher Brain Living® System profoundly increases energy in your Higher Brain, helps you create a new map of your life, and brings that empowered Higher Brain state to all areas of your life. This is how true and lasting transformation happens…

We hope to see you at our Webinar on June 16th…this could very well change your life or the life of someone you know! Spread the word: www.higherbrainliving.com/june-webinar