Enlightenment: Why you should just give up

December 2, 2015

It’s that time of year again where the intention cards, 2016 planners and positive affirmations come out, all in preparation to have a “different” kind of year next year.

Can you relate?

While there’s nothing wrong with any of that and planning to have a great year is the first step to making it happen, you may be frustrated that you know what to do and even have a plan to do it, but you still don’t do it. The worst part is, you don’t know why.

So you beat yourself up. Once again, you’re failing and it’s your fault. Actually, it’s not your fault, and I want to address that this month so you understand what’s really going on. 

You might have read or heard that following the protocol for Higher Brain Living® (HBL) changes everything, but what does that really mean? Why and how is HBL different from those other “programs” that tell you how to get unstuck, live your best life, get out of your own way, etc?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you deeper into understanding two important fundamentals so that you see things differently in order to live differently. You’ll realize why it’s not your fault that, as hard as you try, you don’t experience lasting change from all the self-development courses you’ve taken, and you’ll learn what you can do to start making that change happen.

The first fundamental is that your mind is not your brain. Your mind is where you store your thoughts, feelings and emotions and react to life from that data. It’s the software of “you,” complete with coding errors from others and bugs picked up along your life journey. It’s how you perceive the world, how you react to external circumstances and then create internal dialog or stories from there.  The mind also has two distinct parts to it: the conscious and sub-conscious, and this is where the challenge of making permanent and lasting change begins. 

When you started your voyage of self-improvement, you began working on your conscious mind. Positive affirmations and speaking words of intention are examples of this.From there, you moved into working on changing your sub-conscious mind because that affects a deeper level of change. Intense meditation, EFT/tapping or other modalities work on the sub-conscious mind. The reason for this is so you’re not always struggling consciously to change things. 

There’s still one more layer though, and it rarely gets addressed. Change this and you will do what you know to do and finally become the best version of yourself. What is it? 

Your brain.

Your brain is your hardware. It’s not your mind at all. Your brain is exterior and it’s working all the time. Although you can’t hold a mind in your hand, you literally can hold a brain! You could never have another thought again and your brain would still keep your body functioning. You could lose your mind and still have a working brain, but not the other way around. 

Your brain tells you what to do. It keeps your heart beating, tells you when you need nourishment and sleep. It sends signals so you know when you need to warm up or cool down. It is what enables you to survive and your brain, as your operating system, provides this to you every minute of every day without you giving it any thought at all. It’s truly amazing when you think about it.

So now consider this possibility: what if you changed not just your conscious and subconscious mind but in addition, you also changed your brain? What would you be like if you changed your basic operating system and didn’t have to constantly “reprogram?”

That’s the first fundamental. Your brain is not your mind and changing your brain is what allows you to tap into the power of who you are. Yes, as a result, you will have a different mind but you’ll always be working on that. When you change your brain, you’re changing the physiological structure of things and that is the kind of change that lasts. Most experts encourage and teach working with the mind rather than the brain. To achieve even small results with your mind, you would need to dedicate hours to your practice every day for many, many years. That is most likely why you haven’t experienced the fullness of the change you seek.

Change your mind and you will do some things differently, albeit not continuously. Change your brain and you will live differently, you will find your purpose, you will unleash your potential—this is lasting change. That’s the essence of Higher Brain Living®.

Stay tuned for the next part in this series where I will talk about the second fundamental of how to affect positive and long lasting change in your life. Hint: you’ll learn how you are more of a gifted neuroscientist than you thought!

Dr. Michael Cotton
Founder of the Higher Brain Living® Movement
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