Enlightened Living

December 7, 2015

“Move beyond happy and start living in unabashed joy.”

There’s no question that you could say to yourself today, “I’m a happy person and I am okay with the way I live my life. I don’t think I need anything to change.” And we could say that to ourselves every single day for the rest of our lives…but at Higher Brain Living®, we believe there is more to life than just being “okay.”

Your survival brain, otherwise known as your “lower brain,” wants you to believe that this is the best there is. We’re here to tell you there is SO much more awaiting you in your life!

To the lower brain, sameness=safety, and since your lower brain is currently the dominant part of your brain, it’s hard to see a need to change anything in your life, even something that could free up dormant energy in your body, shifting the power away from your lower brain. Your lower brain was designed to keep you safe, and if your current daily routine is simply keeping you alive, your lower brain thinks…success!

We do not need this lower brain as we once did when we were dodging saber-toothed tigers and just trying to stay alive. It only makes our lives stagnant, with no purpose or passion. How do we change this?

Welcome to Higher Brain Living®, the revolutionary technique that will awaken the dormant energy in your body and send it surging into the Higher Brain (or pre-frontal cortex), where your potential, purpose, passion and joy live. Start living the life that you were destined to live. Discover and truly live your life purpose. Release stress and anxiety. Start living in unabashed joy.

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