The Angel Lobes

November 18, 2015

Lately I have been thinking about ‘heaven on earth’ and I am wondering how many of us really truly believe this to be a possibility. We say things like, “we want to transform”, and “the world can become a place of joy and abundance and possibility for all”…. But do we believe it? Do we truly believe it? What if it were true? What would we do then? What if…

The demanding and complex modern world we live in has exceeded the capacity of our lower primitive brains processing system. The result to this overload is quite naturally increased stress, anxiety, foreboding and apathy in our daily lives.

Researchers tell us that the stress will kill us and we must change our habits or die. New-age gurus tell us to change our thoughts and we be fulfilled. Good information, except it’s not working. A recent Harris Poll found that 2/3rds of American adults are not very happy. This is tragic.

It’s tragic in light of modern neuroscience. You and I (and all of humanity) have brain structures, referred to by esteemed brain researcher Dr. Paul McLean as ‘angel lobes’. The name was given to this newly evolved area of our brain, due to the association in these brain structures with higher consciousness, deeper meaning in life, joy, spiritual connection and purpose. When engaged and energized these dormant new brain areas lead to a profoundly enhanced way to experience the world. We, modern humans, have a brain designed for transcendence, joy and meaning and yet, we aren’t even happy…. what’s wrong here?

Alexandrian philosopher, Plotinus stated; “mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beast”. I think that’s right and I think modern neuroscience confirms it. The lower survival-based brain (having evolved at a time when the environment was predator-rich) is primitive and outmoded but is still the major influence on the experience and direction of our lives. Fear-based lower brain mechanisms arrest our forward momentum, cycling us back into a life of familiar habits (even if they are negative) because to the lower brain ‘sameness equals safety’. In our 21st century lives these primitive lower brain survival mechanisms are at war with higher brain growth and evolution. The higher brain wants to change and grow, but below our conscious awareness the old lower brain says “oh no you don’t, change is scary, let’s stay the same”.

We are indeed ‘poised midway between the gods and the beast’, midway between the higher and lower brain. Stuck. We see glimpses of our transcendence and yet are pulled back down into old familiar patterns. We are living from a state of fear, sameness, stress, anxiety and apathy, instead of joy, purpose, passion and meaning. Enough is enough. Isn’t it time we bring our awareness to this uniquely human predicament and take up a path that awakens our (dormant) higher brain? Imagine a world where the highest part of our brain was awakened in all of humanity and we brought that empowered state to all areas of life. Could we create heaven on earth? If enough of us committed to this shift from the lower stress brain to the higher enlightened brain, not only would our own lives transform, but the ultimate result could only be a beautiful new world for all of us. I am on fire with this possibility! Will you join me?

The Higher Brain Living® system is one such path to individual and collective transformation. HBL is designed to promote a gentle surge of energy into the latent potential of our higher brain and provide a revolutionary new way to bring that empowered higher brain state to all areas of our lives.

Dr. Michael Cotton