Higher Brain Living® Testimonial

November 18, 2015

We just received this awesome testimonial. I thought I’d share!

Higher Brain Living Testimonial

My name is John Stone. I’m 60 years old, married, with two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I hold a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Business. I have spent my life being a servant-leader working for churches, schools, government departments and nonprofit organizations. I am a cancer survivor for six (6) years after having had small cell aggressive cancer which required an emergency prostatectomy. I am the Executive Director of a national nonprofit organization which is run by medical doctors.

Currently, I’m at step 16 of 22 in the Higher Brain Living system. At the advice of my daughter, I agreed to try HBL. While I entered into this willingly and with an open mind, I have to admit I had low expectations about what it would do for me and doubted considerably whether I would “move” while on the table. In fact, I was determined at my first session not to move … deciding that, for me at least, I would feel foolish if I moved like those I had observed in the demos. However, 10 minutes into my first session I began to feel a painful knot in my upper back and realized that if I did not move that it would only get worse. And so, I moved. When I did, the knot went away. But, not only did the pain and the knot go away, I felt stress go away with it.

I found too, during that very first session, I was breathing deeper than I had in years. Prior to this experience, I had found that my breathing had become shallow. Previous to HBL I would try to take deep breaths and found it physically difficult to do so. For instance, while sitting on the exam table in my primary physician’s office, he would ask me to take three deep breaths. I remember joking with him, in a not so funny way, that I might muster three deep breaths but four would be challenging. So, I was greatly surprised when I began breathing deeply well beyond three times during my very first HBL session – for 45 minutes. It felt good to breathe like this and when I consciously decided to stop the flow of the session by not breathing deeply, my body demanded that I begin to breathe deeply again. It was like I was oxygen deprived but that wasn’t possible because I had been feeding oxygen to my lungs better than I had for years. “Breathe deeply,” was the command. I don’t believe it was my lungs making the demand but rather my brain. I now believe that my lungs were responding to the demand my brain was making to feed oxygen to my prefrontal cortex.

About halfway through my first HBL session I began to feel tingling down both my legs and to my feet and toes. This was not an uncomfortable feeling but it was strange because I’ve had neuropathy in my feet ever since my prostatectomy six years ago. For the second time during that first session I was surprised AND for the second time I made a decision to let go of my preconceptions of HBL and “go with it.” I allowed myself to experience the session and to see where it would lead me. At the end of the first session, I stood up to see if it was true that I had feeling back in my feet and toes. I did. The Neuropathy has continued to dissipate ever since. At this writing, my feet feel warm and I have full feeling. This has also improved my nighttime safety. I had grown use to needing the lights on at night because neuropathy can cause one to fall when walking in the dark because there’s a diminished ability to “feel” how you’re carrying your body.

As the HBL sessions have progressed I’ve added “Resoulutions.” These growth statements which have come from the deepest part of me haven’t caused me to be a different person but have made me stronger and more resolved to more actualize the person I choose to be. For instance, I have long been a collaborator in my career but I have always done this in subtle ways. At one of the annual conferences where my organization exhibits I practiced my Higher Brain Energy Surge Technique; stated my Resoulutions; and chose to be bolder with my collaboration efforts. I went out of my way to introduce industry representatives to advocacy organization Executive Directors. I also stepped up my own commitment to help these new relationships thrive. The net result was that new ideas and projects germinated and grew. Also a collaborative environment was fostered. Former competitors were now friends finding new ways to work together. It’s going to be fun to watch this develop further. I attribute this surge of collaboration to HBL.

John Stone