Enlightenment: Your Time is Now!

November 18, 2015

Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath.

What’s bothering you? What’s causing you stress? Really let that sink in for a moment.

Now, open your eyes and take another deep breath and ask yourself this question: Are the “problems” that are causing you anxiety something that is happening now? I mean, right now; this very moment?

Probably not.

Before you start to explain why these are problems in the moment, let’s look at things a bit more closely.

You see, when worry and anxiety set in, it’s very rarely because of something that is going on in the moment. Of course there are exceptions and certainly, if tragedy strikes, that is different. But in most instances, if you are experiencing worry, fear or anxiety, it’s because you’re bringing your past into your present or projecting your future onto your present. It’s quite possible that the actual situation that you’re worried about, in the moment, doesn’t really exist.

Let’s examine this more closely. A frequent source of stress for most people is money, specifically not having enough. Maybe you’re worried about that right now. So ask yourself, “What’s really going on in this moment?” You probably have a roof over your head, no one is going to come and take anything away from you right now, you have clothes on your back, enough food to eat and in this exact moment, you actually have more than enough to meet all your needs. At this exact moment, you don’t have a money problem.

However, you fear that in a few days, weeks or months, you won’t have enough money. If you don’t get that job, if that check doesn’t make it on time, if your client doesn’t pay you, then you may have a money problem. But that’s all in your future. You’re projecting what may happen and none of that may happen at all. You do get the job, the check does come on time, and your client pays you exactly when they agreed to pay you. No money worries for you! Your present, your “now” is perfectly safe and secure, as it tends to be.

While that was an example of projecting onto the future, it’s also paradoxically pulling from the past. You are worried about money right now because you remember a time when some of that or all of that happened. Things didn’t go the way you expected them to, and it created a less than ideal situation. It does happen in life but how much do you contribute to “situations” by worrying them into existence because you’re not grounded and grateful in the “now” moment?

Right now, you have everything you need to be happy, to be grateful and to be joyful. Since you can’t truly predict the future with certainty, refusing to guess at it will save you countless hours of worry because whatever you’re afraid of might not ever happen.

At the other end, just because something happened in the past doesn’t mean it belongs in your present. Let the past go and realize that a one-time occurrence doesn’t guarantee a repeat performance.

Your present moment is all you have, moment by moment, and that moment is where all your power is. If you close your eyes and breathe in again, you’ll probably find that this moment is a moment for celebration and inspiration. You are here. You have choices and options. You have love and resources. You have the ability to make things turn out well. The moment is now so don’t take too lightly, that saying, “Now is your time.”

It really is.

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Dr. Michael Cotton
Founder of the Higher Brain Living® Movement