Enlightenment: Beyond the Breakthrough

November 19, 2015

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Why have a breakdown when you can have a breakthrough?”
While having a breakthrough instead of a breakdown is definitely more empowering, what if you could experience the next step, which is breaking free?

Having some kind of experience that is less than ideal can cause you to question everything, re-examine your life or the way you do things and frequently, look at situations through a different lens and re-frame it. What’s great about that and often illuminating (if you choose to see it) is that the “bad” things that happen in life can be turned into “good” things, when perceived differently. The original breakdown becomes a breakthrough.

Although breaking through can be powerful, there is still some struggle associated with it, and you may find that you encounter the same kind of breakdown repeatedly, which could leave you wondering, how impactful was that breakthrough?

There is something beyond breaking through, and that is breaking free. Breaking free allows you to truly experience a higher level of joy and peace because the struggle is removed and you clear the issues for good.

What you may not realize is that your Higher Brain is wired to live a life that is free: free from worry, strife and stress. When you tap into the Higher Brain and physiologically change it, you “turn on” the pre-frontal cortex, which is where “freedom” lives. When your Higher Brain lobes are the predominant working part of your brain, freedom is the result because you no longer have to work so hard to get what you want.

To be clear, life brings strife and intention, plus application is what brings results, so this isn’t a magic pill where if you live at a higher brain level, no unpleasantness will ever darken your door step again. 

It is, however, a way of living that is based in scientific proof and also makes common sense. If you show up differently in your life, everything else in your life also has to show up differently.

Science continues to reveal just how powerful your brain is, what the possibilities are when you work from the higher level of your brain and what you can do to make those changes yourself. You will need the guidance and support of experts along the way, especially in the beginning, but these skills are something you can learn to do for yourself and even better, you can teach others how to do it.

There is a whole life out there that you can live with considerable power, ease and most importantly, free. You really weren’t meant for constant struggle and your brain is just waiting for you to tap into your full potential. Are you ready to break free?

Dr. Michael Cotton
Founder of the Higher Brain Living® Movement