New Model Launching Soon – Free Video Series!

January 20, 2017

It’s a brand new year…can you believe we’re almost three weeks into it already?! Everyone is trying hard to keep their New Year’s Resolutions, and we are too. We thought we’d share them with you today… Higher Brain Living®’s New Year’s Resolutions:   1. To make enrollment in our program more efficient and easy We…

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Enlightenment: Powerful Story of Being Set Free

September 28, 2016

Have you thought lately, “I know I’m not reaching my full potential, but I am so tired of trying and failing…” Tally recently posted on Facebook about her roller-coaster journey through depression, illness and more.I wanted to share a clip with you from a few years ago when she was on my annual international Higher…

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Enlightened Living

September 7, 2016

“Are you driven by a hunger to know yourself deeply and to be liberated from mundane existence?” I believe many of us are. But that hunger—that passion—gets easily drowned out by our busy schedules and replaced with stress and anxiety. We go from day-to-day doing the same things…get up, eat breakfast, drive to work, drive…

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Enlightened Living

September 1, 2016

Read below to discover the 4 breakthroughs of Higher Brain Living®! Keep scrolling for a free opportunity! 1. The magnitude of the surge of energy to the Higher Brain. We have never seen or heard of any modality that produces the same, measurable magnitude of energy to the Higher Brain that Higher Brain Living® EEG…

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A special message for YOU!

July 14, 2016

Hey there! Check out the special message for YOU in the below video from Tally Hayden of Higher Brain Living®!     You are the Change Agent we are looking for! You have the ability to create positive change in the world, one person at a time. I cannot wait to connect with you! After…

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2015 Training Std Adv Recert Std Mariott Naperville with me

An absolute miracle is unfolding…

July 7, 2016

What if I told you that you could… Create powerful and inspirational change in your life Energize parts of your brain that are currently dormant Experience long-lasting joy, passion, purpose, clarity, focus and determination Release stress, anxiety, boredom and fear Discover your purpose and truly live up to your potential Let me give you a…

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Enlightened Living

June 27, 2016

“If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you, who?“ Hello there! My name is Tally Hayden and I am Higher Brain Living®’s Facilitator Experience Director. I recently hosted a Webinar with the founder of Higher Brain Living®, Dr. Michael Cotton. We went into depth about the human potential, consciousness and higher living—all…

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Enlightenment: Your Purpose {Free Webinar Recording}

June 24, 2016

My first question to you is, “Do you know your life purpose?” Dear Higher Brain, If you feel content with the status quo, I’d like you to consider the fact that your purpose in life may be greater than you had ever imagined previously.   If you feel like you have no purpose, I want…

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Enlightened Living

June 20, 2016

“Not acting is a form of action. Do not let dormancy be your action—instead, use your time to change someone’s life.“ It’s time to get serious…what are you doing with your life? That’s a hard question, as we don’t always know what we’re doing. Sometimes we think we’ve got it, and then something changes and…

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Enlightened Living

June 14, 2016

“Learn how to awaken to a new, accelerated & expansive way of living that is free of limitation.” Are you wondering how this is possible? We have good news! Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of Higher Brain Living®, is hosting a free, live Webinar on June 16th at 7PM CST (that’s in 2 days)! He will…

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